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After their studies, graduates can get started with a trainee programme at Gira. During their time spent working in up to six specialist departments, the trainees are provided with valuable insights into everyday business life at Gira and receive further career development in line with their requirements. Gira also has direct entry opportunities for graduates according to their professional field. For starting and further development at Gira, we offer interesting activities with a wide range of international opportunities.

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A trainee programme at Gira offers graduates key insights into the company's daily business and offers them the
opportunity to get to know how the various departments interact.


Trainee programmes for graduates

Gira now offers new trainee programmes for technical university graduates. During your time spent working in up to six specialist departments, you will be provided with valuable insights into everyday business life at Gira and receive further career development in line with your requirements. On completion of the two-year programme, existing activities await you. Gira hires new trainees once a year, always at the beginning of autumn. Look at our homepage to see when positions become available and apply.

To the job opportunities

The Gira trainee programme is aimed at five different paths:

Electromechanical development and innovation

Sales and service

Plastics technology

Building system technology development and innovation




Comprehensive insight

As you proceed down a trainee path, you will be given the opportunity to actively
familiarise yourself with six specialist departments, with assignments in
the specialist departments lasting from three to six months.


In the thick of it

In the course of the two-year programme, you will get to know the processes in various specialist areas in detail, work on important project topics, and bring about changes


Preparation for higher positions

Your assignments to various departments on one of the 5 paths will prepare you for taking on challenging positions at Gira.


Innovative minds are welcome

Challenging projects that are independently carried out by you right from the start offer you the opportunity to demonstrate your abilities and implement innovative ideas.


Well connected within the company

You will get to know our corporate culture and our processes, experience intensive accompanying training and build up an internal network.


Open-ended of course

You will receive an open-ended contract of employment from the start.


A trainee at Gira has the following characteristics:

We are seeking contact with technical graduates (m/f) (Bachelor's or Master's degree) in the fields of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, IT, industrial engineering, plastics technology etc.

You enjoy working on and implementing innovative projects independently.

You like change and would like to get to know a variety of different specialist departments. You have good presentation skills
 in German and English.


Technology management

Product management

Project management


Technical testing

Quality assurance

Strategic purchasing

Technical documentation

Plastics production

Manufacturing, assembly, dispatch

Internal corporate development


Customer services


Application procedure

Applications for the trainee programme can be made directly online and should contain the following documents:

Cover letter
(including details of the
time period,
profession, and
specialist field)


All relevant

Proof of

volunteer positions,


Annabelle Rothe
Tel. +49 (0)2195 602 6331


International opportunities

Gira has representatives in 39 countries. This offers employees various opportunities for short-term or also long-term assignments abroad. For it is important to also foster personal contacts in the various countries and to regularly get an impression of the circumstances there. Tasks while travelling include visits to trade fairs, conducting planning meetings for marketing at the importer, and discussions with the local architects. An excellent knowledge of English is required. To promote this skill, Gira offers English lessons for all employees already working in international relations and also for those who are interested or want to brush up their skills.

People at Gira > Clas Vesper

Adventure with a safety rope

In 2005, the management offered its trainees a year-long placement abroad for the first time. One of the options on the table was a stay in China. No-one took up the challenge – except Clas Vesper, who was then an apprentice toolmaker in the plastics production plant. He assumed a pioneering role and also posed new logistical challenges for Gira relating to the organisation of a job, accommodation and a visa. Just under a year later he started his trip to the mega-metropolis Shanghai.
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Company benefits

A work/family balance, healthy working conditions, freedom and support for further training and realising your own potential - these aspects are very important at Gira, as they are indispensable to achieving satisfaction and good performance at the workplace. The company supports the further development of its employees, with the Gira Campus, for example, set up to facilitate this. Active health management, childcare, advice in family matters and the opportunity to work from home are also provided.


Exercising at the gym improves health and well-being - Gira also promotes these sports activities with its health management programme.

Health management

Gira is committed to the health of its employees with a variety of measures. For example, all employees can make use of the extensive offerings of two health centres free of charge, take advantage of a variety of preventive medical check-ups, including for the prevention of heart and back problems and cancer, have free flu vaccinations, and make use of the services offered by a mental health hotline and initial therapy. At the workplace itself, Gira takes the ergonomic design and optimisation of the workplaces very seriously.

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With plenty of space to play, learn and romp around, the small children of Gira employees are well looked after in the company's in-house childcare centre.


In keeping with its family-friendly corporate policy, Gira has now achieved another milestone. Supported by the Radevormwald town council, the company has constructed a childcare centre on its premises. Gira's childcare center was inaugurated in October 2014 and accepts infants and pre-nursery school children from six months up to the age of 3. This means that Gira is now also a place to play.

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Flexible working time

As part of its flexible working time system, Gira employees can, with due consideration of company and departmental targets, decide for themselves when to start and finish work – of course always bearing in mind the successful course of business and smooth cooperation with colleagues.

Trust-based working hours, working from home

Gira offers a trust-based working hours model for many positions, in accordance with which an individually agreed portion of working time can be completed at home. This ensures continued participation in corporate coordination or decision-making processes.

Advice and support with family issues

A central contact person offering Gira employees support with family issues and emergency situations is firmly established at the company. This person provides advice on issues regarding parental leave or requests to work part time and offers support re childcare or caring for dependents.

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More information on company benefits

More information on remuneration and other benefits offered by Gira to its employees can be found under People with professional experience.

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People at Gira > Christiane Fastenau

Family-oriented career woman

Juggling children and a career: Many women ask themselves how this can work. Christiane Fastenau is mother to a son and daughter aged nine and twelve. "A great deal is possible" she says, "if the whole package is right."
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Flexible working hours and working from home

International opportunities

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